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The Children’s Flight’s origins lie in a music video called ‘Paper Plane’, which is essentially about a child with a Dream to fly, but on a deeper level it’s about anyone with a dream.

Aviation is traditionally about defying great odds and overcoming the laws of nature, the politics of man, the limitations of economy, and technological development…..for so long aviation was  an exclusive privilege to supreme military, selected individuals or the super wealthy…

We wanted to bring home aviation to the children, to promote the idea that anyone can be what ever they dream of being… That you can literally ‘take that paper plane to your destiny’…. one day if even one of these kids goes for their dream, then this day may have played a role in that.


Felix Gosher

Musician Michael Ferguson

“PAPER PLANE” – By Michael Ferguson

Watch this amazing inspirational video right here:

Google Play

Michael Ferguson is a flamboyant, impassioned singer/songwriter with a zest for music and people.


Having performed professionally since 2006 both locally and abroad, the 28 year old talent is just getting started. His debut album titled “Rock ‘n Roll Souljah”  released in mid-2013 & had great airtime across SA’s major radio stations. The album also had success in Austria as one of the original songs “K.I.S.S.I.N.G” was licensed to be used for a European company advert.


Michael has since released singles, his latest of which is “Paper Plane” – the powerful story of a passionate aviator!


Watch this space as South Africa’s own – Michael Ferguson – becomes a world-renowned songwriter and performer!

31st August Day Program

0545 Dash 8 Q300 Arrives From ORT with Sponsors and Swissport Personnel
0555 B206 arrives from Rand (N Iozzo) + SR20 arrives from Lanseria (Y King)
0600 The Lords Prayer, Safety Briefing
0630 Children’s Busses Arrive
0700 Preflight and Pax Briefing
0710 Tiger Moth + Flybaby + RV4 arrive
(P Watson + R Beckly + D Laing) (Statics)
0730 Heavy Aircraft and Rotary Wing Circuits
(Each Aircraft Flies Four Circuits)
C208A – F Naude 28 (28)
AN2 – JM + M Hill 40 (85)
DH8C – M vd Molen + J Venter 300 (385)
S316 – R Osner 16 (401) 8 years +
S313 – C Fuller 12 (413) 8 years +
R44 – E Henrico 8 (421) 8 years +
R44 – G Mandy 8 (429) 8 years +
H120 – S Robertson 12 (441) 8 years +
A Robertson
B206 – N Iozzo/ J Neuhaus 16 (441+) 8 years +
1000 – Light Aircraft Circuits Commence
(Each Aircraft flies 3 Circuits with a Circuit in Reserve)
Number flown in Three Circuits (cumulative total flown) Age Restriction
C206 – M Miller 12 (453) 8 years +
C210 – H Scheepers 8 years +
N Smith 12 (465)
C182 – A Caige 6 (471) 8 years +
PA34 – P de Ravel 12 (483) 8 years +
PA32 – W van Rooyen 16 (499) 8 years +
PA28 – W/T Britz 6 (505) 8 years +
PA28 – R Vansia 6 (500+) 8 years +
BE35 – B du Plessis 6 (511) 8 years +
BE58 – D Shima/H Els 8 (517) 8 years +
PA30 – I Mahuma 9 (517+) 8 years +
PA28 – R Vansia 6 (517) 8 years +
C172 x 3 Flight School 18 (535) 8 years +
1230 Grace and Lunch Time
1300 Extra 330 Display (Barrie Eeles)
1310 RV Aerobatics (Trevor Warner+Nigel Hopkins)
1320 Impala Display (Mike Weingartz)
1330 Two Ship Flying Lions Aerobatic Display (Ellis Levin + Arnie Meneghelli)
1340 Cemair Dash 8 + Lions in Formation (Cemair Crew and the Lions)
1400 Ribbon Cut by Guest of Honor – Children Run to Pilots
1410 Prize Giving
1430 Paper Plane by Michael Ferguson
1445 Lucky Packets to Children
1500 Buses Depart + Clean Up Team Arrives
1500 Day One Positioning Out Program
1500- C208A + AN2 (F Naude and JM Hill)
1505- S316 + S313 (R Osner + C Fuller)
1510- T6 + C206 + C210 + C182
(G Timms + M Miller + H Scheepers + A Caige)
1515- 1 x R44 + H120 + B206
(E Henrico+S Robertson+N Iozzo)
1520- PA28+BE35
(W/T Britz +B du Plessis)
1525- PA32+PA34
(W van Rooyen+P de Ravel)
1530- C150+C140+SF25+PA28
(G Joubert+E Bondi+D Ralefeta+R Vansia)
1535-2 x Gyros + Tiger Moth + Flybaby
(D Hainesworth+H Randall+P Watson+R Beckly)
1540- RV7 + RV4
(T Warner) (D Laing)
1545- Extra 300
(B Eeles)
(M Weingartz + Fuel Sponsor)
1600- Stearman
(D Perry)
1610- 2 x Harvard
(E Levin+A Meneghelli) (if possible)
1620- DH.82 Tiger Moth + RV8
(J Earle + D Conradie)
1625 Day Two Positioning In Program
1625 2 x RV + L29
(R Beeton, N Hopkins, G Warden+ Gearhouse CEO)
1630-Stinson + C402 + PA46R
(D Briers+A van der Zwan+P Visser)
1640- AN2 + 1 x Gyro
(H+M Pretorius +A van Zyl)
(C Urban+R Miskey+J du Plessis)
(J Joubert + H Cumming + A Brown)
(S Nicolaides+M Crause+A Schaap+D Munro)
(M Myburgh+S Russel/Pitman)
(H Westermann+2 x Instructors,D Dantu++J Guy+M Nel)
1740- S316B
(H Visser)


1st of September Day Program

0600 The Lords Prayer, Safety Briefing
0630 Children’s Busses Arrive
0700 Preflight and Pax Briefing
0730 Heavy Aircraft and Rotary Wing Circuits
(Each Aircraft Flies Six Circuits)
DC3 – D Hopkins/R Mumford 108 (108)
C208A – F Naude 56 (168+)
AN2 – H+M Pretorius 60 (168) 8 years +
C402 – A van der Zwan 30 (193) 8 years +
C402 – S Uren 30 (223) 8 years +
PA-46R – P Visser 30 (223+) 8 years +
S316 – H Cummin 24 (247) 8 years +
S313 – J Joubert 18 (265) 8 years +
S316 – H Visser 24 (265+) 8 years +
R44 – M Frjlak 12 (277) 8 years +
B205 – M Parsons/A Brown 90 (367)
1000 – Formation Parachute Jump (Led by Ricky)
1010 – Light Aircraft Circuits Commence
(Each Aircraft flies 4 Circuits)
Number flown in Four Circuits (cumulative total flown) Age Restriction
C206 – R Miskey 16 (383) 8 years +
C210 – J du Plessis 16 (399) 8 years +
C182 – S Nicolaides 8 (407) 8 years +
PA28 – M Crause 8 (415) 8 years +
BE36- D Munro 8 (423) 8 years +
BE58 – C Urban (431) 8 years +
RALL – M Myburgh 8 (439) 8 years +
LNCE- H Westermann 8 (455) 8 years +
C172 x 5 Flight School 40 (495) 8 years +
1230 Lunch
1300 Extra 330SC (N Hopkins)
1310 Bell 407 (M Parsons) (pending final approval for late change from P51)
1320 Esbach Display (P Davidson)
1330 Boeing Stearman Display (Ivan vd Schaar)
1340 L29 Display (Glen Warden)
1350 S313 Display (J Joubert)
1400 RV Formation Aerobatics (N Hopkins, R Beeton)
1410 Dakota + RV Formation(D Hopkins/R Mumford or I vd Schaar) + (N Hopkins, R Beeton) (Pending RAASA Approval)
1420 Ribbon Cut by Guest of Honor- Children Run to Pilots
1430 Prize Giving
1450 Paper Plane by Michael Ferguson
1500 Lucky Packets to Children
1510 Buses Depart + Clean Up Team Arrives
1520- Day Two Positioning Out Program
1520 -Stinson + C402 + PA46
(D Briers+A van der Swan+P Visser)
(C Urban+R Miskey+J du Plessis)
(J Joubert + H Cumming+M Frjlak+A Brown)
(S Nicolaides+M Crause+A Schaap+D Munro)
(D Shima+M Myburgh+J Pitman)
(H Westermann+2 x Instructors,D Dantu+L Ndwandwe+J Guy)
1555 1 x Gyro + RV4
(A van Zyl) + (D Laing)
1600 2 x RV + L29
(R Beeton, N Hopkins, G Warden)
1610 1 x DC3
(D Hopkins+R Mumford)
1620 – S316B
(H Visser)
1700- All Aircraft Safe

The Children’s Flight 01
The Children’s Flight 10
The Children’s Flight 11
The Children’s Flight 09
The Children’s Flight 08
The Children’s Flight 07
The Children’s Flight 06
The Children’s Flight 04
The Children’s Flight 03
The Children’s Flight 02
The Children’s Flight 13
The Children’s Flight 12
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The Children's Flight 05

The Aircraft and Pilots Involved

Fixed Wing Aircraft


1 x Dash 8 Q300 – Miles van der Molen/ Cemair (10 Adults /40 kids) per Circuit

1 x DC3 – Derek Hopkins/Menno Parsons Master Power Technologies  (6 adults /15 kids) per Circuit

1 x AN2 – Mark Hill/Just Love Mission,Percy Rudman Jnr (Fuel) (2 adults/ 9 kids) per Circuit.

1 x L410 – Costa Vouros/Air-Tec (3 adults/12 kids)

1 x C208B – David Toma/Flightcare, Werner Vermaak, Di Blight, Noelene Oosthuizen, Keith Stannard, Dale Roux, Cathy Steyn (2 adults/ 8 kids)

1 x C182 – Savas Nicolaides/Self (1 Adult/2 kids)

1 x C182 – Hubert Wentzel/Self (1 adult/2 kids)

1 x C182 – Mac Makhatini/ Self (1 adult/2 kids)

1 x B35 ‘V tail’ Bonanza – Bennie du Plessis/Self (1 adult/3 kids)

1 x Taylor Craft Auster – John Illsley/Self (Static)

1 x Piper Meridian – Colin Coombes/Francois du Preez Q4 Chemicals (1 adult /4 kids)

1 x Zlin50 – Werner Nel/Self (Static)

1 x Piper Matrix – Werner Nel (1 adult/4 kids)

1 x Yak52 – Charles Urban/Self (1 child)

1 x Falke Motorised Glider – Karl von Seydlitz/Self (1 child)

1 x Falke Motorised Glider – Daniel Ralefeta/Self (1 child)

1 x Piper Cub – Ryan Beckly/Self (1 child)

1 x Piper Cub – Steven Haupt/Self (1 child)

1 x Chipmunk – Brian Appleton/Self (1 child)

1 x Sling 2 – Jon Thompson/Jon Mason, Pieter Cilliers (1 child)

1 x Sling 2 – Jaco van Wyk, Felix Gosher/Self (1 child)

1 x Stinson – Darius Briers/Self (3 kids)

1 x C172 – Skyhawk/Self (3 kids)

1 x C172 – Francois Naude,Ben Matthee,Instructor 1, Instructor x 2/ Superior Pilot Services (3 kids)

1 x C172 – Londeka Ndwandwe/LFC (3-2 kids)

1 x C172 – Bernice Cremore, Rob Lugg, Handre Scheepers/Self (3 Kids)

2 x C140 – Elton Bondi/Self (1 child) Patrick Watson/Self (1 child)

1 x Jodel – Grégory Clegg/Self (1 child)

1 x Harvard – Grant Timms/Children’s Flight (1 child)

1 x C210 – Kevin McBey/Self (1 adult/4 kids)

1 x PA32 – Dayne Munro/Self (1 adult/4 kids)

1 x PA28 – Percy Rudman Snr/Eagle Air (3 kids)

1 x Jabiru – Jaco Pitout/Self (1 child)

1 x PA180 – Kueler Breed/Self (3 kids)

1 x PA235 – Wynand Britz/Self (3 kids)

1 x C206 – Mark Miller/Raw Aviation, Darryl Jenkins (Fuel) (1 adult/ 4kids)

Rotary Wing Aircraft 


1 x Bell 205H Huey – Alistair Brown/Menno Parsons, Master Power Technologies (5 adults/10 kids)

1 x Bell 206 – Henley Air Pilot/Richard and Irene Lovett (4 kids)

1 x Enstrom – Shai /SAFOMAR AVIATION (3 kids)

1 x R44 – Ivan van Rooyen/ATS (3 kids)

1 x R22 – Macayla Spammers/Self (1 child)

Aerobatic Fixed Wing


1 x Extra 300 – Jason Beamish/Self, Absolute Aviation

1 x Extra 330L – Nigel Hopkins/Self,Master Power Technologies

1 x Extra 300 – Mark Hensman/Self

1 x RV8 – Pierre Gouws/Self

1 x RV8 – Dion Raath/Self

1 x RV7 – Ryan Beeton/Self

1 x RV7 – Trevor Warner/Self

1 x RV7 – Larry Beamish/Self

1 x Pilatus Glider – Gary Whitecross/Self

1 x Lambada – Derek Hopkins/Self

1 x L39 – Pierre Gouws/Richard and Irene Lovett

1 x T6 Texan – Pierre Gouws/John Wright

1 X Sling 4  three children flown by Felix Gosher

1 X Sling 2 one child flown by Wendy Mills

3 X Yak52 one child each flown by Werner Nel, Charles Urban, Pieter van der Westhuizen

1 X Bell 407 five children flown by Menno Parsons

1 X Pitts Special just for display flown by Ivan van der Schaar

2 X Extra 300 just for display flown by Nigel Hopkins and Jason Beamish

4 X C172 eight children flown by Dayne Munro, Bernice Cremore, Tiaan Fourie, Graham Wood and Kirsty Henderson

2 X RV7 two children flown by Ryan Beeton, Larry Beamish

1 X King Air 90 six children flown Byron Lutzke

1 X Bush Cat one child flown by Tarquin Gillbee

1 X Caravan twelve children flown by Anthony Kaizer

1 X T6 Texan Harvard one child flown by Grant Timms

1 X Piper Navajo six children flown by Shane Uren

1 X SR20 Cirrus three children flown by Yehuda King

1 X AN2 ‘Little Annie’ ten children flown by Mark and Jon-Marc Hill

1 X Jabiru two children flown by Deon Ueckermann

1 X Piper Seneca three children flown by Percy Rudman

1 X Cessna 140 two children flown by Elton Bondi

1 X Jodel one child flown by Gregory Clegg

1 X Piper Meridian 5 children flown by Michelle and Colin Coombes

1 X DC3 17 children Dakota flown by Derek Hopkins


A standard pattern of flight path with visual reference of the ground at all times, and within gliding distance of one of the thresholds of the runway…. for a sequence of flight within the domain of an Aerodrome… Consisting of an upwind, a crosswind, a downwind, a base and a final approach leg…. The pattern can be elliptical or consist of four 90 degree turns… The discipline of circuit flying, entails the majority of the flying skills exhibited in one simple journey through 360 degrees at target heights and points  around the airfield…..

Map of Flight


These two charities have been chosen for this event and we look forward to giving their kids an amazing day of aviation…




Aeroclub of South Africa

Air Tec Global


Annie Lehmkuhl




AVSEC Manager

Ben Jordaan

Bennie du Plessis

Biotronik SA

Bird Aviation

Brothers United Construction


Capital Sounds

Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Carryon Projects


Cheryl Smit Photography

Civil Aviation Authority


Coastal Aviation

Coating Worx

Colin Coombes


Darryn Cowell

Dayton Thompson

Dinesh Chaudhary



DMW Events

Double D Catering




Ernest Lamprecht

Ex Silver Falcon Lead

Eythu Events

Fancy Inc

Fidelity Guards

Fidelity Security

Flint and Tinder

Francois du Preez


Gareth Roos

Grand Central Airport

Glen Austin Residents Committee

Greensky Branding

Grinker Family

Guide Dog Association

Harvard Café

High Performance Centre

Hillbrow Lodge

Jaco Theron

JP and Ishwar

Just Properties

Kayle Wooll

L39 Raffle Ticket Buyers

Lens Ice Cream

Lexion Systems


Matthew Taylor

Mari Rudman

Mark Miller

Master Power Technologies

Mcubed Media

National Airways Corporation

Nicholsons Helicopters



Percy Rudman Jnr

Phil Jeffery

Pilot Insure

PNA Cresta

Pretoria Boys High

Q4 Fuels

Q4 Fuels



Raw Aviation

Reneé Bollon Smith

Richard and Irene Lovett

Ryno Albrecht


Safomar Aviation

Sally Party Services


SET Africa

South African Air Force

Steven Ginsburg

Superior Pilots Services

Tarryn Clark

The Aviation Shop

Trinity House School

Via Air


Werner Vermaak

Wiggly Teeth Dentistry

Abri Kriegler

Absolute Aviation Group


Air-Tec Global

Andrea Serra

Angela Newton

Anonymous company with an awesome boss

Anonymous person from Bethlehem

Anonymous pilot in the Seychelles

Anton Steyn

Annie Lehmkuhl

Ashleigh and Matthew Osbourne

Aviation Towards Success

Biotronik SA

Bruce and Jo Gardner

Candice Brophy


Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Colin Coombes

Darryn Cowell

Dee and Charlotte

Eagle Air

Echo Skies

Elton Bondi

Engage24 Digital Agency



Fancy Inc - Maranda van Dam

Mr Francois du Preez of Q4 Chemicals

George Boyiatjis

Grand Central Airport

Grant Cowell

Gregory Clegg

Greensky Branding

Guy van der Pol

Harvard Cafe

Hurleyvale Fresh Meat

Hover Dynamics

HPC University of Pretoria

Hillbrow Lodge

Inter Africa

Ishwar Persad

Joel and Denise

Jonathan Watts

JP Jacobs

Kobus and Wendy

Kobus Oosthuizen

Kyle van Huizen

Little Annie


Make-Up Issue

Mike Nicolas

Master Power Technologies

Magalies Gliding Club

Mango Airlines

Marriane Eksteen

Menno Parsons

Milk Decor

Michael Ferguson

Monster Productions


Netcare 911

Phillip Engelbrecht

Pilot Wellness Program

Pilatus Switzerland

Pupil Pilots of the South African Air Force

Quentin van Rooyen

Ray Watts

Red Shirts

Riaan Scheffer

Rob Eden

Robert Ashdown

Rylee Sakwe

Safomar Aviation Operations

Scott Attorneys

Sloan Meat Market


Sky Quest


Silver Falcons SAAF

Ultimate Air

Warlock Photography

Wilderness Air

Wendy Mills

2 Squadron SAAF

85 Combat Flying School

A special thank you…


To all the Pilots, Management of Grand Central, Safety Officers, Ground Crews, Bus Drivers, Sponsors & Charities.


None of this was possible without your help, you are all Heros and Heroines for your self sacrifice to the safety of this special day. You created hope where there may not have been before, you made people smile, you made the sky accessible, and you demonstrated the theme of living the dream…. Your contribution is revered, remembered and Inspirational.


May we fly again one day soon… God Bless You All.





To make a donation, please EFT (bank transfer) your contribution to:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62764165091
BRANCH CODE: 250-655


For any more information please WhatsApp Felix on or +27664850407