Pilot Jason Alexander | The Children's Flight
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Pilot Jason Alexander

I Started flying at age 25. Greatest achievement has been to fly aerobatics and formation flying, a childhood dream, along with being able to teach people to fly.


Commercial Pilot
Grade 2 Multi-Engine Flying Instructor and charter pilot
National Aerobatic Champion -Sportsman Class 2015
Formation flying with Yak 52’s
Part-time businessman.
Yak 52 owner.


I am fortunate to be able to fly for fun and for a living.
I am grateful for what flying has done for me and the people I have met through flying and feel it’s right to give back and assist and inspire youngsters to go on and achieve and live their dream.


Flying must be shared! Flying shows you can do what was once impossible…??Want to fly for the kids to plant some “hope and dream seeds”

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