Gracia Child and Youth Centre
367 Burgerstr, Pta North
Tel 012 546 6681/4


Gracia Henri


I am a child of the King, Adrenaline junkie, Adventure addict, Blessed husband and a Proud father. I took on Gracia in 2012 when I had a motorcycle ministry. We were two groups looking after them. Since then, it became Proudly Meerkats outreach for the under privileged. These kids were abused, impedance not taken care of, mainly because of parents hooked on drugs, or just did not want them. I am quite sure very few of them has seen a plane, accept for maybe in the air or on tv, let alone fly in one!! I am also convinced that we will inspire quite a few upcoming pilots! 🙂 These kids deserve all the blessings that can come there way.


Henri du Toit
Leading The Gracia Home’s Children to Grand Central