The Loerie Youth Centre is a children’s home, situated in Bronkhortspruit and currently accommodates 36 underprivileged children, as well as 1 student (who grew up in Loerie) at the North West University (PUKS). We therefore support 37 Loeries. The socio-economic situation in our country has led to the necessity for such a centre. The parent of these children can for various reasons, no longer provide a healthy and safe environment for them. The children and students are fully dependent on the Loerie Trust for all their needs.

The children at the centre are brought up within a strong framework of love and discipline and they have a happy and positive outlook on life. As the scholastic achievement is also of utmost importance to the Trustees and staff, the children are given all the support and attention necessary to assist them with their studies.

The Loerie study fund was established in 2010 during our 10 year anniversary celebration, when one of our donors had expressed concern about the fact that we do everything through the years to help the Loerie children to rise above their circumstances, and after they have passed matric, we let them go without giving them the opportunity to establish themselves.

The Loerie You Centre Trust was established during April 2000 by 8 businessmen and women, who saw the desperate need to provide a stable and secure haven for children. It is a non-profitable institution and is solely the responsibility of the Trustees. We don’t receive any subsidy from the state. The maintenance of the Loerie children’s home requires phenomenal amounts and include monthly rent, medical expenses from time to time, daily transport, salaries, just to name a few.