Gary Renault is the Chief Executive Officer at Grand Central Airport as well as a Director.

Gary worked on the commercial side of the aviation industry for many years. His seven-year tenure at Comair Limited saw him involved in the ground operations and airlines industry before he joined Grand Central Airport in 2009.

Former President of the Airports and Aerodromes Association of SA (2012-2014) and existing board member of the Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa (CAASA), Gary holds a wealth of knowledge and experience in the aviation industry in South Africa.

Grand Central places a strong emphasis on encouraging young people to get involved in the aviation industry. “The many flight schools based here are a testament to this,” says Gary. “Although South Africa’s civil aviation industry has experienced exponential growth over the past 20 years, more young people need to be trained as pilots if South Africa is to keep up with its growing aviation industry. The industry is also in desperate need of engineers.”

“We welcome the opportunity to touch these young lives and hopefully foster an interest in the aviation industry at the same time,” Gary says.