Jason started flying after joining the SAAF in 1999, he was streamed to the helicopter line but served his last four years giving ab-initio instruction at CFS Langebaanweg on the PC7.  Jason left the SAAF in 2012 to follow a career as a contract helicopter pilot for Starlite Aviation Group flying AS32 C1e – Super Puma, S330J – Puma and BK117 helicopters. He is married and lives in Durban with his wife and two young daughters.


Jason has 10 years experience in various Safety Management positions and saw this as an opportunity to offer help to Felix and his “crew” achieve what will be a possible life changing event for a lot of the children involved.  What started off as a small idea by Felix has now turned into a fairly substantial event and the more eyes there are looking for possible risks, the less chance there is of an incident happening.