Lindi Spezialetti is the Senior Administrator / PA to the Airport Manager and Marketing Assistant at Grand Central Airport.

After working in the administrative, PR and marketing arena for over 10 years, Lindi joined Grand Central Airport in 2015 to assist Gary and Sarah on the administration and communication side of the business.

Lindi finds the aviation industry a refreshing and exciting avenue to work in and takes great pleasure in building a positive reputation for the airport she has come to love.

“Grand Central Airport has a wonderful history and has touched so many lives,” says Lindi. “Many senior visitors passing through here reminisce about their young days spent flying at Grand Central or working on the airfield while the young children that visit the airport today watch the airport operations in awe and possibly even dream about becoming part of it all.”

“It is wonderful to think that the Children’s Flight will give young children a remarkable memory to take with them for the rest of their lives and maybe one day they will return and re-tell their stories about Grand Central Airport,” she says.