Sarah Thepa is the Airport Manager at Grand Central Airport.

Having been with Grand Central for over 20 years, Sarah is the glue that holds the airport together. Nothing happens in and around the terminal building that she doesn’t know about. Sarah started out working as a junior receptionist for the airport at the age of 21 and has risen with grace through the ranks of this predominantly male oriented industry to where she is today.

When you ask Sarah what it is that makes the airport special she will tell you it’s the welcoming atmosphere that greets you as you walk in through its doors, the feeling that you have come home and that you belong. This is an atmosphere that Sarah is passionate about fostering because this is how she felt from the very first time she set foot in the airport as a child when her father brought her to look at the airplanes.

“I would love for all young children to share the passion and excitement I felt for aviation as a child,” Sarah says. “For this reason, I am delighted that we can be part of an initiative that exposes children to the aviation industry.”