Born 1 November 1957
Gary started his passion for flying aged 7, flying model aircraft and single channel radio models at age 12. At 14 he had his first Glider flight at Baragwanath Airfield with Wits Gliding Trust, attained his PPL in the late 70’s and went on to a Commercial Pilots licence.

With the flying passion in his blood, Gary went on to become a Paraglider pilot and placed 3rd in the World XC Series in Spain 2006. In 2007, he went back to Gliding with Touring Motor Gliders and on full Gliders in 2009. In 2014 Gary represented South Africa in the World Gliding Champs in Finland, has won many regional gliding championships and placed in top 3 National champs 3 times.

Gary is the Chairman of MOGAS (the Motorised Aviation and Gliding Association of South Africa), an Aviation Recreational Organisation responsible for Gliding and Light Sport Aircraft.

Gary has flown just about everything from Microlights to ex Military Jets and Helicopters. With over 4000 flying hours to his credit and 1500 Instruction Hours he fills his time flying and teaching flying.

Gary runs the only Commercial Gliding and Motor Gliding School registered in South Africa outside of the Gliding Club Environment and has successfully tutored and made solid pilots out of every single T&D Pilot holding a glider license in South Africa. Gary works and specialises in teaching young pilots from age 13 and up.

Gary is currently the only Glider Aerobatic Instructor in South Africa and had to go study and qualify initially with the Bertossio family in Italy. Luca Bertossio was the youngest Glider Aerobatic world champion, and under their guidance and supervision came home with the skills necessary to pass on to the South African community.

Gary is a regular act performing at Airshows and Aerobatic competitions and is currently the only glider pilot involved in glider aerobatics in South Africa. Sit back and watch as Gary treats you to a beautiful and graceful dance in the sky. Gary flies a Pilatus PC11-B4 glider. This is a full aerobatic glider and the only one of its kind in South Africa.

Gary’s advice to any young aspiring aviator “don’t let anything stand in your way. Reach for your dream and go and fetch it”