Born 4 January 2000 as Lourens Johannes Scheepers. At the age of nine he started flying model aircraft. He’s passion for aviation just kept growing, until in 2014 when he went to visit he’s uncle and later his mentor, Ben Jordaan in Maun Botswana, where he flew with him for 3 days in a C208B. Coming back form that trip he knew what he wanted to become, a real pilot. In 2015 Handre went for his medical exam, but got it turned down due to medical reasons, but that did not stop him. That same night his uncle and brother told him, there is one thing that can do and that is to never let go of the dream. Which helped him, because in June 2016 he obtained he’s medical which declared him fit to fly. In July that same year Handre started training at Grand Central, the field of dreams. 28 August 2016 was the day that Handre went solo, a day that he will never forget. 2 September 2016, Handre attended the Children’s Flight 2016, where he promised himself and Mr Felix Gosher that he will fly in the event in 2017. In March 2017 Handre obtained he’s PPL and started to build hours to he’s commercial license, which he is busy with to date. I would like to thank my mom and dad, for helping me, Felix for guiding and motivating me, and lastly Ben for showing me what a true pilot must be, and for supporting my al my life.
Never ever let go of a dream.