I was born in the North West Province in 1994. In a small farming town called Klerksdorp. From as far back as I can remember, aviation was always my greatest interest. My mom always likes telling the story of where she believes I got my passion for aviation. Before my mom knew she was expecting me, my dad took her to the airfield one day to meet a friend of his. This friend was a pilot who took the skydivers into the air. On the last flight of the day there was a single open seat, and he offered to take my mom along for the ride. Once he dropped the skydivers, he told my mom to “hang on”, and proceeded to put the airplane into a spiral dive. The forces were so great that my mom couldn’t lift her hand from the arm
rest. That’s where my passion for aviation began. To this day, the passion has yet to fade. After school I started flight school and I achieved my Private Pilot’s License in March 2014. Aviation gave me so much that I don’t think I would have if not for its constant presence in my mind and in my life. Aviation gave me something to strive towards. A passion that is hard to explain. An explosion in my mind and my eyes at the sight of anything aviation related. At the moment I have managed to stack up 110 hours flying time, and an indescribable amount of knowledge! Both personal skills and skills directly related to aviation. I am currently
working towards my Commercial Pilot’s License, and hope to achieve my lifelong dream to be in the sky for a living. Seeing what Mother Nature has sculpted, each day is a different painting to discover!
At the children’s flight I will be flying the Sling 2. A South African manufactured aircraft with
very nimble and responsive handling controls! My motto is: “Do what makes for the better story!” – In other words, make an adventure
out of life! Be positive and never stop giving your best! You probably immensely
underestimate yourself! Life is what you make it. Go out and make it wonderful!