Started flying in 1999


Total flight time 2050 hours, mostly on tail draggers.


Types of aircraft flown Extra 300, Edge 540, Sbach 342, MX2, T28 Trojan, Harvard, Piper Cub, Spitfire Mk26, Chipmunk, Tiger Moth, Yak 52, Zlin 50, Pitts S1 Special, Pitts S2 Special, Christen Eagle, Super Decathlon, Boeing Stearman, AN2 and a few others (60 types) I’m also multi engine rated turbine rated and have a test pilot class 2 rating. I’m display rated as well, formation aerobatics, solo aerobatics and flat formation.


SACAA Liecenced aircraft engineer. Worked with Pilatus PC12 Centre Southern Africa for 7 years and Has recently joined Absolute Aviation (South African Beechcraft and Cessna agents) as the Customer Account Manager ,As well as FAA A&P Certified.


Best personal achievements I’ve had a few memorable moments, taking my Grandpa who is 88 for a ride in a Tiger Moth in which he learnt to fly in 1941, with my Dad in formation with us.


Flying international aerobatic formation displays on my Dad’s wing in Dubai in a three-ship display with Zoltan Veres of Hungary.


Flying a three-ship plus two-ship formation display with the Jet Man Team (Yves Rossy and Vincent Raffet) at the 2015 World Air Games in Dubai.


I am also the team engineer and fly the number 3 position in an Sbach 342 four-ship with the Firestars Aerobatic Team sponsored by Red Bull and based in China.


I’ve been involved in flying most of my life; I grew up at the Toy Store (hangar at Rand airport). I had my first flying lesson at the age of 9 in our Piper J3 Cub, went solo on my 17th Birthday.  I started competition aerobatics in 2007 in the Extra 300 and then air shows in 2009 on DH Chipmunks, Extra 300′s and Yak 52′s. And more recently flying the South African Airshow circuit with T28’s, RV7’s, Extra 300’s, DH Chipmunks, Yak 52’s, a Boeing Stearman and a few more types on occasion. 60 types in total.


All this would not have been possible with out my Dad Larry Beamish, he has been my inspiration, my coach, my leader, my instructor, my role model, my friend, I owe it all to him. Thanks Dad!