I started my training towards my PPL at the age of 16 while I was In Grade 11.

I obtained My PPL at age 17 and Matriculated in 2014 from Southdown’s College.

I then completed My Multi Engine IF Commercial license at the age of 18-Year 2015

GR3 Flight instructors at the Age of 19-Year 2016

GR 2 Flight Instructors at the Age of 20-Year 2017

I am currently giving instruction at Eagle Air Flight School-Year Current
Personal Summary:

From a very young age I have been exposed to aviation through my father.

He expose it to me through the model aircraft and taking me to airshows as much he could.

It has been my Dream for as long as I can Remember to become a pilot!

The concept of Aviation has always fascinated me and continues to do so .Although in my younger years I was not able to fly full size aircraft I spent most weekends with my father at the Model club and building model aircraft which further enhanced my passion.

He too obtained this PPL at the age of 50 years old showing you are never to old to complete your dreams.

I hope this Is helpful 🙂 If there is anything else you need please let me know.