I started my flight training straight after leaving matric in 2012. Started at Wonderboom with my PPL-CPL. After completing CPL spent some time job hunting, doing the odd ferry flight here & there while doing my Instructor’s rating.

In that time I also worked for an aircraft sales company, doing sales & flying a C182 every now and then for the owner. Over weekends I did glider tugging in Potchefstroom for Jonker Sailplanes in a C182.

After completion of my Instructor Rating I got my first full time flying job in 2016, instructing on the Sling 2. Flying at the small school however was slow & when I got the opportunity to join one of the biggest schools in SA I immediately jumped at the opportunity (2017).

That’s where I find myself at the moment, instructing at Superior Pilot Services on Grand Central Airport.

My dream is to fly Medevacs in the not so distant future on either a PC12 or King Air as that is one of the reasons I started flying.