My love for flying started at a very early age, inspired by my grandfather, who was a WWII pilot for the RAF, and my father, who, although was never a pilot, always had a passion for it.
My Dad and I used to build model aircraft together from as far back as I can remember and followed that up flying simulators from the early days of computers in the 1980s.
I did my national service in the SAAF in the late 80’s and had dreams of becoming an air force pilot. For various reasons, I never followed through with that.
I always kept the dream alive that one day I would become a pilot, so, when the time came, at age 45, I embarked on my aviation journey.
I completed my PPL in 4 months and decided to continue with my studies and training completing my multi-engine IF commercial licence 9 months later.
I followed that up later that same year with my grade III instructor’s rating and went on to complete my ATPL exams two years after staring my PPL.
I currently fly a weekly charter and a couple of social flights a month with friends and family.
I guess if aviation is in your blood, the opportunity will always be there. You just have to take it.
Fly safe.