I started as a student working at Zebula Golf estate and spa from 2008 until 2011, worked long hours in every department imaginable to save up for my flying. Thereafter I moved to Kathu, started working for a mine for the remaining time until 2013 to save up the rest. Studied music in the mean while as a back up. My training started at 2013 at Loutzavia, from there on its been up and down, worked in Jhb for most of the time to afford the city life while completing my license. I have 136 hours with night rating, I can fly the whole P28a range as well as the Cessnas. Been working for Loutzavia since 2015 and still hanging in there.  Im examination invigilator, charter assistant as well as Ops assistant. Working with kids overall gives me this happy and loving feeling knowing that even the smallest things matter to them. Its a blessing helping someone who can’t necessarily help them self in the beginning of their passion or dream