Owner / Chief Flight Instructor and DFE Helicopters


Ivan is our passionate and highly qualified Chief Flight Instructor. Ivan was born and raised in Johannesburg. He started flying helicopters when he was in Grade 11 at school. He obtained his PPL before his driver’s licence. When Ivan finished school, he studied full time for his commercial pilot’s licence, which he obtained in June 2008. After completing his night, instrument and single-turbine ratings, he was trained by ATS to become a helicopter instructor.


On the successful completion of his training, Ivan was employed by ATS as a full time Pilot. We are very proud that Ivan obtained his Grade I and DFE II status in May 2012 making him the youngest DFE in the country. His motivation, passion and dedication makes him a very popular Instructor.


He is also a director at Support For All NPC which is a non profit that caters for all types of projects .