My name is Karl-Albrecht von Seydlitz-Kurzbach born in Swakopmund on 10 December 1956, grown up on a farm north of Omaruru in South West Africa. Started gliding at 14 solo at 15 and got my silver C badge at 17. Nearly failed Std 9 as I was sailing on Saturdays after school and Sundays gliding.

Had to stop flying for 35 years until my wife passed on. In August 2009 I went to Orient and took one winch launch and was hooked once again. Last week I got my grade B instructors rating on gliders winch launch and aero tow including TMG. I am chairman of Magalies Gliding Club. Instructing young people is my passion

I have a  50 percent share in ZS GXP a 1969 Scheibe Motorfalke SF25D, an ASK13 glider and a 1963 SF26 single seater glider, the other gliders I fly are a Ventus B and the Grob 103, Ka7 and single Astir Grob 102 gliders.