Name: Larry Beamish
Date of birth: 21 October 1958
Team Position: Pilot
Day Job: Chief Pilot Pick n Pay retailers (King Air 200, Lear 45, Challenger 300)
Total Flying hours: 19,200hrs
Number of aircraft rated on: 123
Age when started flying: 16

Flying Achievements: Flown over 1,100 aerial displays for 13 display Teams.

‘Uncle Larry’ hails from Johannesburg, South Africa and is the son of an airline pilot and airline cabin attendant, which explains his interest in aviation. He is married to Ella and has a son Jason, daughter Laura and step-son Joshua.

His son Jason also flies on the Team in #3 position. Larry is extremely proud of Jason’s achievements in sport aviation and considers it an honour to accompany his son in the adventure and beauty of aviation.

Competed in Advanced Aerobatic Class

Competed the Grand Aero Challenge in Hungary

Competed the Grand Aero Challenge in Romania.

Competed in the World Air Masters in Dazu, China