My name is Mark Hill and was born into aviation, as my dad flew both military and commercially. I have flown military (started in 1981), police and commercially up until now on both helicopters and aeroplanes (13 500 hrs). My son Jon-Marc Hill an aspirant commercial pilot and I, both fly “Little Annie”. At present I run a charity called Just Love Mission incorporating “Little Annie” (An Antonov AN-2 donated to us and flown from Siberia to Cape Town) a number of years ago with the express purpose to fly underprivileged people) and serve them, especially orphans, with the hope of inspiring them to change their attitudes positively through aviation in giving them a short flight so that they may in turn, may pay it forward with their resective talents.


Why did we join your initiative on the 2 September? Well because it offers the opportunity to serve more youngsters in fulfilling our dream!