Life details: I am 24 years old, living in Joburg, flying for the pure love of it and working in aviation insurance while I study further.


When I started flying: I began flying during the school holidays once I turned 16 but I only obtained my PPL three years later in 2011.


What I fly: I mostly fly Cirrus aircraft, I built most of my hours on them but “cut my teeth” on WW2 vintage tail draggers.

I guess you could say I will fly anything if it produces lift!

In the past I’ve trained on Jabirus, Pipers and had a bit of a go at a Baron, a PC-12, Lancair Legacy and even the odd (very rare) helicopter.


Flying hours: +/- 850


Flying achievements: Without a doubt my most memorable achievement was the day I got my PPL.

Everything after that; every roll or loop or rating, has only been possible because of the initial effort and every flight takes me back to the day I finally could legally and proudly call myself an aviatrix. I’m extremely proud of that little girl who refused to quit back then.


Why I volunteered: Aviation is everything to me and I remember (and still have contact with) the people who encouraged me to follow this dream from childhood. There is not a single facet of this industry that doesn’t fascinate me, more than a career choice, flying is an identity and a fellowship.

If I can be a part of just one child’s discovery of this amazing world then I will consider it an honor.