Menno Parsons born in 1973, is a South African Airshow legend. The Director of Master Power Technologies since 2000, a leading engineering firm in South Africa. Menno has portrayed his deep love for Aviation in the most outstanding and awe inspiring manner over the years accumulating 2500 flying hours. Menno currently flies the P51 Mustang, Bell 407, the Huey, L39, and DC3 to mention but a few of the types he’s operated. He is display rated on these incredible machines, and the life and soul of the Airshow Circuit.


Menno is one of those gifted pilots, an energy manager and great airman. His displays leave crowds with lumps in their throats, whether by the roar of the Merlin engine or the tight maneuvering in the Long Ranger. Whether fixed or rotor… If it’s got wings Menno can fly it.


Menno was one of the very first pilots to volunteer to fly for the Children. He gave up time and sponsored two very expensive to operate flying machines to give these kids and experience they’ll never forget. It really is a testament of the character of the man, he’s a generous, warm and lovely man. An example to all, pilots and anyone with a dream. We are honored to have his participation on September 2nd.