– Airline Transport Pilots Licence with 17500 flying hours

– Airbus A319/A320 Chief Training Captain at SAA

– Grade one Instructors rating and CAA designated flight examiner

– Aerobatic Instructor and Examiner

– Rated and flown 123 different aircraft types

– CAA test Pilot rating




– 7 times SA National Rally Flying Champion

– 5 times SA National Precision Flying Champion

– 3 times SA National Aerobatic Champion

– 2003 World Rally Flying Champion

– represented SA 5 times at World Rally Flying Champs, 4 Times at World Precision Flying Champs, 3 times at World Advanced Aerobatic Champs and twice at the Unlimited World Aerobatic Champs

– FAI Bronze at the 1999 World Rally Flying Championships

– FAI  Silver medal at the Jet formation event in Al-Ain

– 2 Silver medals at the 2008 Advanced World Aerobatic Champs

– 5 Medals at the 2010 Advanced World Aerobatic Champs including 2 golds, a sliver, a bronze and overall 2nd place.

– 4th at the 2013 World Freestyle Aerobatic Champs

– Has won Aerobatic events in 4 different countries

– A record 3 Aeroclub of SA Pilot of the year awards

– Aeroclub of SA Gold Wings

– Represented Aerobatic Teams flying the MX2, T28, Extra 300, Pitts Special, L29, Yak 52 and the Harvard

– South African Airways Airbus and Harvard Display Pilot