Born 9 Feb 1980 in Port Elizabeth and grew up in Durban.

Went to the school of hard knocks.(Just kidding)

Matriculated from St. Henry’s Marist Brothers in 1997. I had always wanted to fly since I was 6 or 7 years old so once I had finished school I moved up Boksburg and lived with my Aunt, so I could learn to fly at Brakkies with my uncle “Sluggy”. I eventually got my blue book in April 2002 and my instructors rating followed. My first charter was on a Bonnie into Mozambique, I got my first proper flying job at Rossair in 2004 flying a Van in the DRC. After Rossair went bang, some freelance work on a LET410 around Bazzaruto. (real tough life drinking 2M and eating prawns). Then onto Qwila and back to flying a Van and Twin Otter all around Africa. The next move was onto a Fokker F28 at AirQuaris and after a few years flying into and around Baghdad, finally a job at an Airline. Joined 1Time as a first officer on the MD82 in 2009 and after a fun filled 18 months which included meeting my wife (yes – the old pilot hostie cliche). I started as a boy pilot on the A340 at SAA which was a lifetime goal and some 10 years in the making from those early lessons in a Cherokee 140. Once my boy pilot stint was over it was a move into the right seat of the B737-800, where I am still sitting now with about 8500Hrs Total Time and loving every minute of it!

I have made great friends and have had very fortunate opportunities along the way to SAA. It gives me great satisfaction and joy to be able to give something back to Aviation, so the Children’s Flight for me is a fantastic way to do that. To be able to inspire a child to follow their dreams and give them a taste of the magic of flight