My name is Werner Nel and I am proudly a disabled commercial and aerobatic pilot.


At the age of 19 I started flying to become an airline pilot, sadly at the age of 20 I was involved in a motorcycle accident nearly costing me my life, but sadly my right leg above the knee. It looked liked my dreams were slowly drifting away from me especially my dream of becoming an aerobatic pilot. After years of surgeries and physiotherapy I got back to fly as a commercial pilot and a flight instructor at the age of 23.


For the last 4 year’s i have flown various aircraft as a flight instructor and ferry pilot, I currently work and fly for a company called Inter Africa Bureau de change. in may 2016 I got the chance to fly the Yak-52 to become an aerobatic pilot. This was an absolute dream come true especially for the fact that I thought I might never even fly again.


I am proud to say I have achieved to fly as a commercial pilot and an aerobatic pilot as an above knee amputee. I have flown around 1200 hour’s and my hope is to one day become an airline pilot.


With all I have struggled through I have seen other people struggle with me, especially disabled kids who’s parents cant afford these type of prosthetics limbs to help their kids play and learn with other kids. I then started my own charity company called “golden aura kids”.


My hope is to help as many disabled kids as possible to play and learn like all other kids and in the end achieve the ultimate goal that is to be his or her own ” endless possibility ”


I chose to join the event of 2nd September as I take this cause to help kids close to my heart. I want to help kids and share my story with them so that they can have hope to be the best that they can be.