Hey there! My name is Yehuda King and I am so excited to be a part of this incredible event! My exposure to aviation started at a young age inspired and shaped me in invaluable ways. Now we, a group of dedicated aviators, have the immense opportunity to provide this same exposure to the next generation!

I began my flying career at the age of 15. I went on to complete my PPL at 17 on the Cessna and Piper Series, my CPL at 18 on the Cirrus and Beechcraft Baron and thereafter completed my Flight Instructors rating. I then began instructing at Lanseria International on the Cirrus SR20. At 19, I have now clocked just over 300 flying hours. Having seen first-hand how aviation can revolutionise your youth, I feel it’s time to give back!

When I heard about this incredible outreach programme, I was instantly inspired to join in and help pull off a feat that will have an unfathomable effect on, and make incomprehensible difference in, the lives of these young children.
I look forward to fly alongside some of the countrys’ best airmen and be a part of this unique experience! The impact we have on these kids may stretch far beyond our wildest dreams! Every ounce of goodness that comes from this day goes to one incredible gentleman, Felix Gosher, who has given his all to put a smile on the faces of these young gems! May this event only bring happiness and joy to all those involved!