I’m Daniel born in 1980 in Davos, Switzerland. I was the oldest of three boys and addicted to aviation already as a child. My father had to often drive me to an airfield nearby. Since then I always had to look up in the sky as soon as I heard the engine of an aircraft.


In 1996 i started with paragliding in the mountains from Davos. In 2005 I moved for business reasons to Berne and four years later I got my pilots license. After my first 200 hours I did my aerobatic license on the swiss built VOTEC 252 SBS aircraft. Since then I flew a bit more than 400 hours on different aircraft. In 2013 I had the chance to fly with a C182 from South Africa to Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. It was an impressive experience for me.


My favorite aircraft is a 1943 built Piper J3C- L4 and a YAK-52. Beside this I have flown a few different Piper’s, Cessna’s and the Swiss built aerobatic trainer VOTEC 252. Currently I’m flying a Rockwell Commander 114 as much as possible. It is the perfect aircraft to travel longer distances.


Why we decided to sponsor Felix’s children initiative?


I’m a Facebook friend from Felix for the past few years. I like his passion and his skills to interact with people and kids. When I saw Felix post about flying kids from an orphanage I was enthusiastic about his idea. In the evening I start talking with my best friend Charlotte about sponsoring his event. We decided that we don’t have the time to organize something similar in Switzerland. We appreciate the effort from Felix and all the other pilots and volunteers who help to take those kids up in the air. We wish you all a wonderful and unforgettable day.