I’ve been wanting to fly since I was able to look up at the sky. I grew up on a farm in the Free State and my dad had a keen interest in flying, but never completed his PPL. He was a serious radio flyer for a number of years though. From there my passion was born and cultivated. My dream has always been to become an airline pilot, but life happened and I ended up in the IT industry for my sins. The dream of flying never faded and finally, at the age of 40, I did my PPL trough Lanseria Flight Centre at Grand Central Airport. My brother and I did this together which made it more special. Completing PPL part time took us a year, but we had quite a few more hours than needed as we were constantly doing “additional cross country exercises” with our instructors to places like Zebula for golf. We own a Piper Cherokee 235 (260HP) which we love and regularly fly. I have a PPL and is about to finish my night rating in the next week or two. I have around 120 hours PIC, 190 hours total time and is rated on all the PA28 and C172 series aircraft. I guess the fact that my dream of flying started as a youngster and I had to work my entire adult life to get to a place to fulfil that dream, is why this initiative is very close to my heart.